10 Essential Online Tools for TXT to PDF Conversion

When individuals require file conversion from one format to another, their initial inclination is often to seek online tools. This preference can be attributed to several compelling factors. Primarily, online tools are widely accessible without any cost, rendering them an economical choice. Additionally, their user-friendly nature ensures ease of operation, particularly when converting a limited number of documents. However, one of the most significant advantages of employing online tools for file conversion is the elimination of the need to install dedicated software on one’s personal computer. For those seeking to convert TXT to PDF via the internet, the subsequent TXT to PDF online converter outlined below can prove exceptionally advantageous.

Section 1: Prominent TXT to PDF Online Converters

1. Soda PDF

Soda PDF stands as a reliable online TXT to PDF converter, backed by its reputation as one of the premier PDF tool providers in the industry. This platform offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless conversion process from TXT to PDF within a matter of seconds. Notably, Soda PDF goes beyond mere conversion capabilities and extends its functionality as an exceptional PDF editor, providing users with added value.

  • Advantages:
    • Simplicity: Soda PDF boasts a straightforward conversion process, enabling users to effortlessly convert TXT files to PDF format.
    • Batch Conversion: This platform supports the conversion of multiple TXT files to PDF simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and convenience.
    • Integration with Cloud Storage: Soda PDF seamlessly integrates with popular cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing users to directly access and convert files stored in these locations.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Email Requirement: To receive the converted PDF file, users are required to provide an email address, which may be perceived as a minor inconvenience.
soda pdf online

2. Online2PDF

Online2PDF serves as an all-encompassing online TXT to PDF converter, offering users a multitude of functionalities beyond seamless TXT to PDF conversion, all available at no cost. This platform empowers users to merge, edit, convert, and unlock documents in diverse file formats, elevating its utility and flexibility.

  • Advantages:
    • User-Friendly Interface: Online2PDF boasts a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, enabling individuals to effortlessly navigate through the conversion process.
    • Enhanced Document Editing Capabilities: In addition to conversion, this platform provides supplementary document editing features, enabling users to make necessary modifications to their files.
  • Disadvantage:
    • File Size Limitation: Online2PDF imposes a restriction on file uploads, allowing only files with a maximum size of 150 MB, which may pose a limitation for larger documents.

3. TXT to PDF

The TXT to PDF conversion process may appear straightforward, yet it proves to be highly effective in accomplishing the task at hand. This user-friendly online tool allows for the effortless upload of a TXT file from one’s computer, swiftly converting it to PDF format within a matter of seconds. The resulting PDF file can then be readily downloaded for immediate use.

  • Advantages:
    • Streamlined User Interface: The TXT to PDF converter offers a simplistic and intuitive user interface, ensuring ease of use and a seamless conversion experience.
    • Account-Free Access: Users are not required to create an account to utilize the program, eliminating any unnecessary steps and facilitating swift conversion.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Conversion Time: In certain instances, the conversion process may take a longer duration, potentially resulting in a delay before obtaining the converted PDF file.
    • Encryption Limitation: Regrettably, the online converter cannot convert encrypted documents, limiting its functionality in such scenarios.

4. Online-Convert

Online-Convert stands as a versatile PDF converter, offering a wide range of options for converting documents to various formats. When it comes to converting TXT documents to PDF, this program proves to be highly reliable and efficient, delivering results promptly.

  • Advantages:
    • Extensive Conversion Options: Online-Convert provides a diverse selection of options for document conversion, catering to a wide array of format requirements, thereby ensuring versatility and flexibility.
    • Ease of Conversion: Utilizing Online-Convert for converting TXT documents to PDF is an uncomplicated process, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through the conversion procedure.
    • Integration with Cloud Storage: This platform supports seamless integration with popular cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive, facilitating convenient access to files stored on these platforms.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Encryption Limitation: It is important to note that Online-Convert cannot convert encrypted files, which may restrict its usability in certain scenarios.

5. PDF Pro

PDF Pro presents itself as a comprehensive online PDF editor, offering users the ability to convert TXT to PDF online at no cost. By simply uploading the TXT file to the website, a new PDF file is swiftly created. Moreover, PDF Pro encompasses a wide range of additional PDF editing features, allowing for extensive customization of any PDF file.

  • Advantages:
    • Swift and Simple Conversion: Converting TXT to PDF using PDF Pro is a seamless and expedient process, ensuring prompt results with minimal effort.
    • Extensive PDF Editing Capabilities: In addition to conversion, PDF Pro provides a plethora of useful PDF editing features, enabling users to customize PDF files according to their specific requirements.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Limited Monthly Conversion Quota: It is worth noting that PDF Pro imposes a restriction on the number of files that can be converted per month, allowing for a maximum of three conversions.

6. Icecream PDF Converter

Icecream PDF Converter is a versatile online tool that not only facilitates the conversion of PDFs to various formats but also enables the creation of PDFs by converting formats such as TXT to PDF. This platform proves particularly advantageous for batch conversions and offers additional features for further PDF editing.

  • Advantages:
    • Bi-Directional Conversion: Icecream PDF Converter supports the conversion of PDFs to different formats, as well as the conversion of various formats to PDF, granting users the flexibility to work with multiple file types.
    • Simplicity of Conversion: The conversion process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for users, even with minimal technical expertise.
    • Batch Conversion Support: Icecream PDF Converter excels in batch conversions, enabling users to convert multiple files simultaneously, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Free Version Limitation: It is important to note that the free version of Icecream PDF Converter imposes a restriction, allowing for the conversion of only up to five files at a time.

7. PDF Converter

PDF Converter offers a user-friendly and efficient method to convert TXT files to PDF online. By uploading any file into the program, it seamlessly converts it to PDF format. The conversion process is both swift and smooth, complemented by a simple interface that ensures ease of use.

  • Advantages:
    • Simplicity and Reliability: PDF Converter prides itself on its straightforward approach, providing users with a simple and reliable method for converting TXT files to PDF online.
    • Account-Free Conversion: Users are not required to create an account in order to convert their files, eliminating unnecessary steps and facilitating a hassle-free experience.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Conversion Limitation in Free Version: It is important to note that the free version of PDF Converter imposes a restriction on the number of documents that can be converted, potentially limiting its usage for those with extensive conversion needs.

8. Small PDF

SmallPDF is widely recognized as one of the most popular online PDF tools, offering an extensive range of functionalities. In terms of file conversion, this tool excels by allowing users to convert various file formats to PDF and vice versa, making it an excellent choice for converting TXT to PDF.

  • Advantages:
    • Cost-Free Usage: SmallPDF is entirely free to use, requiring no account creation, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users.
    • Integration with Cloud Storage: This platform supports seamless integration with leading cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, enabling users to conveniently access and convert their files.
    • Cross-Device Accessibility: SmallPDF offers the advantage of accessing files and utilizing its features across multiple devices, promoting flexibility and convenience.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Limited Editing Features on Mobile Version: It is worth noting that certain advanced editing features may only be available on the desktop version of SmallPDF, potentially limiting the scope of editing capabilities on mobile devices.

9. Convert Online Free

Convert Online Free offers a convenient and cost-free online TXT to PDF converter that enables seamless file conversions across different formats. Notably, this tool allows for the conversion of various formats to PDF and vice versa, making it a versatile choice for handling PDF files. The platform’s commitment to delivering high-quality outputs further enhances its appeal.

  • Advantages:
    • Free of Charge: Convert Online Free is completely free to use, ensuring accessibility for users without any financial obligations or the need to create an account.
    • Multi-Format Conversion: In addition to TXT to PDF conversion, this tool supports the conversion of other file formats to PDF and vice versa, providing versatility and flexibility in handling diverse document types.
  • Disadvantage:
    • File Size Limitation: It is important to note that files exceeding 50MB cannot be converted using Convert Online Free, which may pose a limitation for larger documents or files with extensive content.

10. Sejda PDF

Sejda PDF stands as a simple yet highly effective PDF editor, offering a plethora of features to facilitate the creation and editing of PDF documents of varying sizes. This versatile tool allows for the seamless conversion of TXT to PDF online, enabling users to upload a TXT file and automatically generate a PDF output.

  • Advantages:
    • Free and Accessible Online: Sejda PDF is readily available online, providing users with free access to its features without the need for any additional installations or subscriptions.
    • Reliability and Extensive PDF Editing Features: This tool is known for its reliability and comprehensive PDF editing capabilities, offering a wide range of features that enhance document creation and customization.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Desktop Version Required for Advanced Features: Some advanced features may only be accessible through the purchase of the desktop version, which may restrict full access to certain functionalities.

Section 2: Top Desktop TXT to PDF Converter

While online tools offer convenience, they may have limitations that hinder comprehensive TXT to PDF conversions, such as altering document formatting. For a reliable solution that preserves the original formatting, PDFelement Pro is a recommended desktop TXT to PDF converter. Let’s explore how this software enables seamless conversion from TXT to PDF.

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How to Convert TXT to PDF with PDFelement Pro – A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Step 1: Download and Install PDFelement Pro
    • To begin, download and install PDFelement Pro on your computer. The software provides a robust platform for converting TXT files to PDF while maintaining formatting integrity.
  • Step 2: Launch the Program and Import the TXT File
    • After installation, launch PDFelement Pro. Once the program is open, click on the “Create PDF” option to import the TXT file you wish to convert. PDFelement Pro supports various methods for file import, including drag-and-drop and file browsing.
  • Step 3: Convert TXT to PDF and Customize (Optional)
    • PDFelement Pro will automatically convert the imported TXT file to PDF format. If desired, you can utilize the software’s comprehensive editing tools to further customize the newly created PDF. Adjustments can be made to text, images, and formatting to meet your specific requirements.
  • Step 4: Save the Converted PDF
    • Once you have completed any desired edits, simply click on the “File” menu and select “Save” to save the converted file as a PDF. Choose a preferred location on your computer to store the file for easy access.

In summary, PDFelement Pro offers a user-friendly and reliable desktop solution for converting TXT files to PDF format without compromising document formatting. By following the step-by-step guide, you can effortlessly convert TXT files to PDF, and even edit the PDF if necessary, with the option to save it securely on your computer. PDFelement Pro empowers users to efficiently manage their document conversion needs while maintaining the integrity of the original content.

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Why Choose PDFelement for Converting TXT to PDF

In addition to its straightforward TXT to PDF conversion process, PDFelement Pro offers a multitude of compelling reasons for choosing it as your go-to solution for working with PDF documents. Below are some key factors that make PDFelement Pro a preferred choice for users:

Robust Feature Set:

PDFelement Pro provides a comprehensive set of features beyond TXT to PDF conversion. It offers advanced editing capabilities, allowing you to modify text, images, and pages within the PDF document. Additional functionalities include annotations, form creation, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and digital signature management, making it an all-in-one PDF tool.

User-Friendly Interface:

The intuitive interface of PDFelement Pro ensures a seamless user experience. Navigating the software is easy, even for those new to PDF editing. Its well-organized menu system and clear layout make it simple to locate and access the desired functions.

Document Formatting Preservation:

One of the standout features of PDFelement Pro is its ability to preserve the original formatting of the TXT file during conversion. This ensures that the converted PDF maintains the same structure, font styles, and layout as the original TXT document, eliminating the need for time-consuming formatting adjustments.

Wide Compatibility:

PDFelement Pro is compatible with both Windows and macOS platforms, allowing users across different operating systems to leverage its capabilities. This versatility ensures seamless integration with existing workflows and enables effortless collaboration among team members.


Extensive PDF Management:

Beyond TXT to PDF conversion, PDFelement Pro offers robust document management features. You can merge multiple PDF files into a single document, split large PDFs into smaller sections, extract specific pages, and perform batch operations to enhance productivity and organization.

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